Job completed for ISGH HAMZA MASJID (A)

Completion date: November 7, 2023

Location: Houston, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer reached out to Low Voltage Houston with a specific need to implement an access control system for their Masjid building, ISGH HAMZA MASJID (A). This contact was driven by a fundamental requirement to enhance security and control access to the religious facility. Access control systems are essential in such settings, ensuring that only authorized individuals are granted entry while maintaining the safety and security of the premises. The customer's decision to contact Low Voltage Houston was rooted in the recognition of the significance of deploying an access control system to safeguard the Masjid and provide controlled access to those who are permitted to enter.

Solutions provided:

Low Voltage Houston offered a tailored solution to meet the customer's need for an access control system. The solutions encompassed a range of components and equipment, including keyfobs for access control, a 5-Port Gigabit PoE Switch, CAT5E cabling for network infrastructure, and DMP Proxkey II access devices in a package of 10. Additionally, they provided a 3xLogic Infinias S-DOOR-KIT-WH Intelli-M Single Door Add Kit with a Wiegand HID Prox Reader. These components collectively form an integrated access control system that grants access to authorized individuals while restricting entry to others. By providing these solutions, Low Voltage Houston ensured the security and controlled access of ISGH HAMZA MASJID (A), offering a comprehensive and reliable security system tailored to the unique needs of the religious facility.